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I love pearl not only
for her beauty is attracted but her wonderful life
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The meaning of pearl

The international gem industry will be listed as the pearl in June lucky stone, when you do one thing, if you try your best, only to listen to the fate, you can wear a pearl necklace, the goddess of luck will care for you.
It is well known that pearls can be used for beauty, and in ancient times, some people made pearls for flawless whitening. So slowly everyone knows that pearls have beautiful effects, pearls also began to symbolize the moral of beauty, wearing pearls will make your skin better.

The Taboo of Pearls

Because the pearl itself contains some water, and because the water allows the pearl to stick together, if the pearl is placed in a place that is too hot, it is easy to lose water, making the pearl become dull.
greasy dirt
Because the pearl is an organic gem, so the best pearl surface will have tiny pores, if you wear the pearl in and out of the kitchen, or wear the pearl to eat hot pot, there will be some oil smoke will splash on the pearl.
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